Our Values

Three words sum up what we’re about as a church:


Jesus is our life, our hope, our everything!
Our world is broken and messed up, but the incredible news of the Bible is that God’s Son joined us in our mess so that we can join him in God’s family forever.
To make us part of this hope, Jesus died in our place on the cross and then rose again to live inside us.


Jesus is making us into a big family of all ages and stages and walks of life who encourage, love and pray for each other.
We’re committed to keeping the Bible central when we come together because it’s in the Bible that Jesus meets us and so he becomes ever more real in our hearts.
Together, as we better grasp Jesus’s love for us and his resurrection power in us, God grows us into the fullness of his Son and so prepares us to enjoy life in his presence forever.


Jesus wants us to share in what his Father is doing and so he leads us to pray that God might bear much fruit through us.
So we’re praying for our town, friends, family, and especially for a younger generation to discover new life in Jesus.
We’re encouraged by Jesus’s promise that our Father always hears and answers us. As we see fruit (often in bigger ways than we imagined!), so our joy grows.