Our Story 

We are an Anglican parish church in the Church of England – in fact, we are the most easterly parish! The church was opened in 1869 to serve the fishing community living on ‘the Beach’. Since then and following flooding, local housing has been largely replaced by industry and businesses. Our parish area is now the coast strip of north Lowestoft and includes this industrial area along with the north harbour, the main shopping high street and the Heritage Action Zone.

Christ Church has always been a committed evangelical church. What this means is that we focus on a living relationship with Jesus as we meet him in the Bible. Because that’s what’s most important to us we welcome Christians from a range of backgrounds and denominations.
We rejoice in what God has done through our church over the years. In particular, Christ Church was very much part of the 1921 Lowestoft Revival, which saw God move powerfully in the hearts of 100s and 100s of local people. We pray that God would move powerfully again in our town today. There are many children, youth and young adults in our town who are lost and need Jesus. So we are especially focused on praying and working to reach a new generation for Christ. We aim to make our services and meetings accessible even for those who’ve never been to church before. Our tagline is: Everyone needs Jesus!

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