Women's Groups 

We have a vibrant women's ministry. We aim to encourage and empower women to flourish in God’s goodness and purpose. This mainly happens through our mid-week women's groups:

An evening Growth Group for women.
Leaders: Liz Burt and Pam Hicks
Meetings: Tuesdays 7:45pm, Gunton
A daytime women’s group.
Leader: Laurie Atkins
Meetings: Fridays 10:00am, Pakefield
‘Exploring More’ women’s group for those newer to Christianity.
Leader: Ruth Jagger
Meetings: Mondays 7:45pm, Kirkley
We also have a Women’s Fellowship group, meeting for friendship, worship and to hear a guest speaker.
Leader: Maryann Chiverrell
Meetings: Wednesdays 2:45pm, Church Lounge

As well as these regular mid-week groups, we have a number of other activities, including our Women's Breakfasts and Crafters. If you would like more information or would like to get involved in different areas, please get in touch with our team.

The Team

The women's ministry team organises different areas of our ministry:

Women's Breakfasts: Laurie Atkins and Ruth Jagger

One-to-One Meetings: Laurie Atkins and Ruth Jagger                 

Social Events: Christine Chenery and Maryann Chiverrell       

Visiting/Pastoral Care: Louise Carroll             

Bible Studies: Laurie Atkins and Ruth Jagger               

Prayer: Anne Cossey             

Teaching/Training: Carelien Martin           

Outreach: Liz Burt and Georgina Warren         

Women's Fellowship: Maryanne Chiverrell     

Crafters: Pam Hicks                  

Lowestoft Women's Convention: The whole team

Jonathan Carter, 09/11/2018