Staff and Leadership

Jesus is the leader of our church – that's why we put such a focus on the Bible.  Under him, our church is led by our minister, churchwardens, Ministry Leadership Team (MLT) and the Parish Church Council (the PCC).  The day to day running of the church is overseen by our staff team.


The staff team is led by our minister.
Jon Carter 417x418   Carelien Martin (square)
Jon Carter   Carelien Martin
Jon is our minister (Interim Priest-in-Charge). He grew up in Bristol and is married to Laura and they have a baby boy.   Carelien is our church office administrator and is married to Angus.
Georgi Warren (Square)   Eddy Timberlake (square)
Georgi Warren   Eddie Timberlake
Georgi is our Families Worker.  She is married to Alan and they have a daughter together, called Savannah.   Eddie is our Sports & Youth Worker.  He grew up in Lowestoft, moved away to university and has returned to work for us.

Church Wardens & Treasurer

Churchwardens are elected annually by the congregation as the senior lay leaders and representatives of the church.
Claire Williams (square)   Andrew Timberlake (square)
Claire Williams   Andrew Timberlake
Angus Martin 417x418    
Angus Martin (Treasurer)    


The PCC (Parish Church Council) includes the minister, churchwardens and a number of elected representatives.  It's role is to enable our mission and ministry by looking after the buildings, finances and official policies.


We also have set up a Ministry Leadership Team that assists the minister in overseeing the mission and ministry of the church.  This is made up of the minister, churchwardens and a number of members of the congregation.